Sahiba and Angad Singh are the sibling duo behind Teapot Whistles, with a shared passion for beautiful cloth and fashion. Based across different continents, they use their diverse backgrounds in production and styling to seek out contemporary interior designs with an Asian twist.


Sahiba previously worked with Cosmopolitan magazine, and has been a key proponent in bringing Asian fashion designers to the London market. Angad is based in Mumbai, India and has extended the legacy of the family cloth business into new and innovative areas.

Through their extensive travels, Sahiba and Angad were fortunate to meet the friendliest of people and be invited into homes across different states in India. They saw a common thread of bright colours and traditional designs adorn every home, strongly influenced by the nature around them. This has served as the inspiration behind Teapot Whistles. Ardent research, design and production has finally resulted in the captivating designs we now present you with.

From block prints with tranquil summery flowers, to Appliqué work that is hand-crafted by artisans in the Thar desert, our collection brings Asian inspired designs that will bring life to your home. 

Our signature product is the stunning Appliqué work bedcover, rarely seen or available outside of India. The fabric is made by binding 2 or 3 layers together, with the design then traced on. Each design is cut by hand (with the help of a hammer!) and then carefully hand-stitched. This intricate work with each stitch done by hand means that an individual bedcover takes a month to complete and the results are unique every time.

Our bed linen range extends to exquisite jacquard bedcovers, luxurious cotton bedsheets and beautiful duvet covers, as well as Summer blankets which are light cotton duvets - perfect for our balmy British summer nights.

Our home accessories range includes hand-embroidered tablecloths and linen from the dusty streets of Lucknow, Appliqué work placemats, elegant candles and hand-made, block-printed rugs.

Sahiba and Angad continue to scope the breadth of the sub-continent and beyond, bringing updated ranges to the online collection and new inspiration to your home.